Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sweet Deception by Heather Snow

5 out 5 stars

Oh, this was so good!!  I loved this heroine - she's smart, quirky, and too honest for her own good - but still  kind.  I love her love and loyalty for the hero, Derick, she's known since childhood and the mathematical equation she devises to solve the problem of convincing Derick to stay in their home county of Derbyshire: S(A+B+C) = D2. That little 2 is supposed to be squared, (Derrick in Derbyshire).  S = Seduction, the rest you'll have to read the book yourself for.  This was the perfect blend of history and romance, sweet and steamy.  The third book in this series, Sweet Madness, is going straight on my to-read list.

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