Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hour 4 Mini Challenge: Re-Title Your Current Read

I know, I know, I'm falling behind.  But I didn't want to stop reading to post!!  Sweet Deception by Heather Snow is SO GOOD, definitely worth waiting for.  But for this mini-challenge it needs a fitting new title - I don't know if I can do "clever" while still thinking about the last scene I read before putting the book down to check the Dewey blog, where the heroine gets her first real kiss from the hero.  Yummy.  Ok, new title: Smart Chick Gets the Boy Next Door Who Teased Her Mercilessly When They Were Little.  Historical romance revenge is sweet. Now leave me alone, the next chapter promises to be even better.

Thank you, Geeky Blogger,  for easy mini-challenge while I'm so lost in a book. :-)


  1. Here to cheer! Go! You can do it!!

    <3 the new title :)