Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hour 3 Mini Challenge: Book Appetit

The Challenge: come up with a menu to go with your current read - thanks Book Journey!

My Book: Sweet Deception by Heather Snow

Well apparently, I'm reading the worst book in the world for food inspiration.  So far the hero & heroine haven't eaten or drunk anything.  This is a historical romance set in the 1800's British countryside, so we'll be drinking tea for our literary feast.  Derick (the hero) smells like bergamot and man to Emma (the heroine), and she smells like lavender and woman to him.  So we'll leave out the man and woman smells, and create a black tea with bergamot and lavender - I'm naming it The Derbyshire Blend in honor of the (real) county the book takes place in.  Okay, so we still need something to eat.  Other people have been eating around the main characters so we'll go with what they got: warm and hearty stew, served to the (Chapter 3 Spoiler Alert!) didn't-go-so-well search and rescue mission volunteers.  For the math genius heroine's sake, I'll make it with perfectly matched proportions of vegetables.

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