Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hour 14 Mini Challenge: The Casting Couch

This mini challenge is brought to you by My Little Pocketbooks.  Basically, you assign a real life actor to play the role of a character in the book you're reading.

Book I'm Currently Reading: Fool for Love by Eloisa James (and it's great - I love Eloisa's writing!)
Character name and description: Simon Darby is the famously/notoriously well-dressed heir to a title and a fortune unless his sister-in-law is pregnant with a boy. He's also the sole guardian of his two very young half-sisters with troubling behaviour issues since his father and step-mother's death.  He needs a wife with a fortune and mothering inclinations fast.
Actor: Richard Armitage
Why: Because after North & South you know he can pull off an exquisitely dressed gentleman of the 1800's while coming across more fierce and determined than dandy-ish.

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