Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hour 22 Mini Challenge: If It Were a Movie

Wow, this challenge from Cabbit Corner is a tough one right now:
Pick a book from the reading challenge. Imagine this book was being made into a movie. Write a blog post/comment answering the following:- Who would you cast and why? (if book is already a movie, voice your opinion on casting and who you would have picked)- What music would you like on the soundtrack?- Director?- Scenes you would delete and why? Scenes you would add and why?

I'm reading the Comicon series right but I don't know any teen actors, so I'm skipping back to Sweet Deception by Heather Snow

Cast: James Macavoy as Derick Aveline because I think he could pull off the dashing but sneaky spy, Raquel Weisz as Emma Wallingford because she's curvy like the heroine and I just really like seeing her in movies
Music: I like the idea of classical composers like Beethoven and Mozart but with an upbeat twist to add excitement, like they did with the Sherlock Holmes movies soundtracks.
Director: Joe Wright who did Pride & Prejudice (Kiera Knightly version) - I love how he incorporated the British landscape into so much of the movie which I think is vital to the feel of this book
Scenes to add: Definitely a dark beginning scene depicting at least a hint of what happened when Aveline left England before the war
Scenes to delete: Can't think of any, this book was great.

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